Scientific Board and Network Of Collaborations

The Scientific Advisory Board of Proteus has been chaired by Prof. Jean-Michel Masson since founding of the company in 1998 and it  has been one of the key elements of the company’s strategy. The Scientific Board members have been chosen among the top specialists in the fields of protein engineering, industrial microbiology, fermentation processes, molecular biology and genetic engineering.

In order to constantly expand its platform and strengthen its technological leadership, Protéus has created and keeps on expanding a network of exclusive collaborations with internationally renowned scientists. Most prominent members of this network are listed below.


Laboratory Area of the collaboration
BIODEEP (European Program) Microorganisms from deep sea hypersaline anoxic basins
CARGILL Diverse lactic bacteria
Griffith Univ. (Australia) Microorganisms from Great Artesian Basin
Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem (Israel) Microorganisms from (hyper)saline environments
HERMES Microorganisms from marine margins
IFREMER (fr) Microorganisms from marine environments (including deep sea hydrothermal vents)
INRA (fr) Expression systems
IRD (ex-ORSTOM) (fr) Microorganisms from intertropical areas
Total (fr) Microorganisms from oil fields
University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) Microorganisms from cold environments
University of Bern (Switzerland) New Chemistry for HTS
Winogradski Institute (Russia) Microorganisms from extreme environments