• Michelin chooses Protéus for the Tyre Recycling Project

29/01/2014 - Launching of the Tyre Recycling Projet (or TREC Project)

We are pleased to inform you of the launching of the Tire Recycling project (or "TREC" Project), driven by Michelin. Within the TREC Project, the CEA, Michelin, Protéus (PCAS Group) and SDTech join forces to develop two innovative uses for used tires.

The 8-year TREC project is backed by a €51 million budget, including €13.3 million of funding from ADEME(the French Environment and Energy Management Agency) to Michelin and SDTech. The project has two processes: TREC Regeneration and TREC Alcohol, in which Protéus biotechnologies play a major role.

TREC Regeneration
In this first process, Protéus, SDTech and Michelin are working together in order to conduct micronization and selective devulcanization using biotechnologies to create a micropowder that can be used as a raw material in the production of new high-performance tires.

TREC Alcohol
For this second process, Michelin, the CEA and Protéus will develop a sequence of technologies spanning from used tire gasification to syngas fermentation in order to produce alcohol. In light of the growth forecasts for the global tire market, demand for raw materials will increase considerably in the coming decades. The PCAS Group is thus particularly delighted to participate into this process through its subsidiary Protéus.

"We are proud to be involved in this major project", says PCAS Chairman’s Christian Moretti. "Our subsidiary Protéus has very high growth potential; it has developed an impressive collection of microorganisms, enzymes and bioprocesses that lay the foundation of tomorrow's green chemistry. In the field of recycling, this agreement with the Michelin Group is the start of a tremendous industrial adventure".
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